Pacific Cross Insurance brings over 65 years of experience in the health and travel insurance industry to clients throughout Asia. Pacific Cross Insurance is a leading provider of health, personal accident and travel insurance products and services to people and organizations that live and work internationally.

Pacific Cross Insurance is part of Pacific Cross International, a group with operating entities in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Pacific Cross International currently provides health insurance to over 120,000+ people, representing over 50 nationalities living in over 40 countries. In 2015 the group provided travel insurance for 3,500,000 travel days for over 500,000+ people. 

Over the past 25+ years Pacific Cross Insurance has expanded to offer worldwide coverage for Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Travel Insurance and various tailor-made policies for health and accidental risk for employees of businesses that operate in Asia.

Started in June 1990, Pacific Cross Insurance contracts various administrative services to third party administrators located in Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Pacific Cross Insurance maintains a wide Direct Billing Network of hospitals, clinics and medical facilities across the Asia Pacific region.