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Medical Costs Worldwide March 2021

  USA treatment of URINARY INCONTINENCE $45,293 USD South Africa treatment of MALIGNANT NEOPLASM OF COLON $58,957 USD China treatment of DENTAL TREATMENT $1,956 USD ...
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Medical Costs Asia March 2021

  Thailand treatment of CELLULITIS / ABSCESS $25,202 USD Singapore treatment of CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE $92,174 USD Indonesia treatment of ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE $40...
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Medical Costs Worldwide February 2021

  USA treatment of MULTIPLE MYELOMA REMISSION $21,061 USD Spain treatment of OCCLUSION/STENOSIS CAROTID ARTERY $2,764 USD China treatment of POLYP CORPUS UTERI&...
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Medical Costs Asia February 2021

  Thailand treatment of CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE $10,163 USD Singapore treatment of ACUTE APPENDICITIS $12,685 USD Indonesia treatment of FEVER $2,275 USD Phili...
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Medical Costs Worldwide January 2021

  USA treatment of ACUTE RENAL FAILURE $27,728 USD Sri Lanka treatment of UTERINE LEIOMYOMA $1,251 USD China treatment of AFFECTIONS SHOULDER REGION $1,232 USD South...
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Medical Costs Asia January 2021

  Thailand treatment of ACQUIRED SPONDYLOLISTHESIS $12,490 USD Singapore treatment of CHRONIC ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE $20,576 USD Indonesia treatment of URINARY TRACT INFE...
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