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Medical Costs Asia January 2021

  Thailand treatment of ACQUIRED SPONDYLOLISTHESIS $12,490 USD Singapore treatment of CHRONIC ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE $20,576 USD Indonesia treatment of URINARY TRACT INFE...
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Medical Costs Worldwide December 2020

  USA treatment of MULTIPLE MYELOMA REMISSION $30,479 USD Sri Lanka treatment of HERNIA $3,128 USD China treatment of CHRONIC OSTEOMYELITIS $7,606 USD South Kor...
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Medical Costs Asia December 2020

  Thailand treatment of NONINFECTIOUS GASTROENTERITIS $12,911 USD Singapore treatment of DISPLACED LUMBAR INTERVERT DISC $23,512 USD Indonesia treatment of FRACTURE FEMUR...
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Medical Costs Worldwide November 2020

USA treatment of BENIGN NEOPLASM LARYNX $18,273 USD Honduras treatment of MALIGNANT NEOPLASM BREAST $5,461USD Sri Lanka treatment of OVARIAN CYST $1,569 USD Chi...
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Medical Costs Asia November 2020

  Thailand treatment of ATRIAL FIBRILLATION $14,269 USD Singapore treatment of DISLOCATION SHOULDER $19,580 USD Indonesia treatment of INTESTINAL OBSTRUCTION $3,006 ...
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Medical Costs Worldwide October 2020

  Canada treatment of DENTAL TREATMENT $1,977 USD USA treatment of AMYLOIDOSIS $9,060 USD Luxembourg treatment of HYPOTHYROIDISM $2,551 USD South Africa treatme...
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