Major Medical International Plan

Major Medical Plan 2021 I 09

International Major Medical Plan is a broad benefit Inpatient only plan with a yearly deductible. A plan designed to provide cover in the event of a medical condition that requires hospitalization or emergency medical treatment. 

The plan is designed to have an affordable premium with a yearly deductible. The deductible can be increased to reduce the premium further.  

Please follow the link for a full copy of the Major Medical International Plan Brochure.

Please follow the link to download Major Medical International Plan Application and Physician Examination Report (for applicants over age 65 only).

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Key Features 

Free Choice of doctors and hospitals | Guaranteed renewability regardless of age, medical condition or location | Flexible geographic cover | Free coverage for recreational sports | Direct payment to hospitals and 24 hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance | Consideration of pre-existing conditions | 14-day Free Look Period. You may return your policy within fourteen days after receipt for full refund of the premiums paid

Schedule of Benefits (in USD) Major Upgrade Plan
Maximum Limit per Policy Year US$250,000 (US$1,000,000 option) US$1,000,000
Deductible (per person per year) US$1,000 (US$2,500 & US$5,000 option) US$1,000 (US$2,500 & US$5,000 option)
Covers normal, usual and customary charges for:
Inpatient Benefits
Room and Board Semi-Private up to US$350 per day (Option to increase up to US$1,000 per day) (Private in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan Thailand & Vietnam) Semi-Private up to US$500 per day (Private in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand)
Parent Accommodation - An extra bed in the same room for a parent accompanying an insured child under 12 years old 100% 100%
Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit and Operating Room 100% 100%
Surgeon’s Fee - Includes pre-surgical assessment and normal post-surgical care for each operation as per Surgical Schedule up to US$30,000 US$50,000
Anaesthetist’s Fee 35% of eligible Surgeon’s Fee 35% of eligible Surgeon’s Fee
Miscellaneous Inpatient Charges - For required diagnostic laboratory tests, x-rays, prescribed medicines; Professional Fees; blood and plasma; wheel chair rentals; outpatient surgery; surgical appliances and devices; and intra-operative standard prosthetics (as approved by the Company) 100% 100%
Organ Transplant - Fees for kidney, heart, lung, liver and bone marrow transplants (up to 50% for donor and the remaining percentages for recipient, at the option of the Insured Person) to a total of {n} This benefit is a lump sum maximum per organ and no other policy benefits such as expenses for regular medical care or consultation, diagnostic tests and long-term medication are payable in respect of Organ Transplant US$150,000 US$150,000
HIV / AIDS - Coverage will apply when HIV and/or its related illnesses present for the first time after 5 years continuous coverage under the Policy and any renewal thereof, with lifetime limit of US$100,000 US$100,000
Hospital Cash Benefit - For inpatient treatment received without charge for up to 15 nights US$100 per night US$100 per night
Home Nursing - Immediately after a hospital confinement and certified to be medically necessary by the attending physician for up to 45 days 100% 100%
Rehabilitation - When certified necessary by the attending physician for up to 45 days of inpatient, day case or outpatient treatment starting within 14 days immediately after the hospitalization 100% 100%
Oncology - Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy (by way of infusion, injection or oral medications) received as inpatient, day case or outpatient treatments subject to a maximum limit of US$5,000 for oral medications 100% 100%
Hospice Care - For terminal illnesses with lifetime limit of US$50,000 US$50,000
Psychiatric and Mental Disorders - Hospital charges with lifetime limit of US$125,000 US$125,000
Follow-up Care - For up to 90 days of normal care immediately after hospitalization. Outpatient physician and physiotherapist when certified medically necessary by the attending physician; and, for required diagnostic laboratory tests, x-rays and prescribed medicines US$2,500 US$2,500
Free New Born Child Coverage - New born child is eligible for the same medical plan as the Insured Person 15 days after the later of the date of birth or the date of discharge on submission of application to the Company until the Insured Person’s next renewal for free. Included Included
Emergency Benefits
Emergency Room Treatment 100% 100%
Accidental Damage to Teeth - Emergency treatment for up to 7 days following accidental loss or damage caused to sound natural teeth 100% 100%
Emergency Local Ambulance Service 100% 100%
Emergency Assistance Services Included Included
Repatriation of Mortal Remains - Covers costs for repatriation of mortal remains of the Insured Person to home country or country of residence 100% 100%
Additional Benefits
Dental Benefit - 80% reimbursement up to an annual limit of US$2,000 US$2,000
Personal Accident Benefit - Covers loss of life, loss of one or both hands or feet, loss of vision in one or both eyes, or permanent and total disability caused directly and solely by an accident.{n} (Maximum benefit is US$100,000 after age 65 and coverage is terminated after age 80. Child benefit limit is 10% of the sum insured of his parent/guardian subject to the maximum of US$50,000) US$100,000 to US$500,000 US$100,000 to US$500,000
Travel Benefit - Covers the following eligible expenses worldwide when travelling outside your country of residence on trips lasting up to 90 days:
Emergency Medical Expenses - Covers illness or injury including “Emergency Evacuation” - (up to US$25,000) with a maximum of US$300 per day for hospital room and board if the hospital expense is on per diem basis, a daily reimbursement of all charges inclusive of room and board and professional services is limited to US$1,000 if no detailed breakdown of charges is provided;and{n} “Medical Repatriation” – covers the additional cost of your own travel necessarily incurred as a result of a covered disability to get you back home following Emergency Evacuation. US$35,000 US$35,000
Baggage & Travel Documents - Covers loss and damage of baggage and personal items including laptop computer; and loss of travel documents up to US$750 US$750
Baggage Delay - Covers purchase of essential clothing and toiletries if your checked baggage is delayed on arrival at your destination for over 12 hours up to US$125 US$125
Personal Money - Covers theft, burglary and robbery of cash, bank notes and travellers checks up to US$500 US$500
Hospital Cash Income - Pays US$50 per day for each day you are hospitalized over 24 hours up to US$600 US$600
Travel Delay - Covers transportation expenses incurred as a direct consequence of travel delay resulting from serious weather conditions, natural disasters (earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, etc.), industrial action, hijack, mechanical derangement if an Insured Person has to re-route his trip due to cancellation of a prior confirmed booking; or {n}“Cash Allowance” - pays US$25 for each full 6 hours delay up to a maximum of US$100 US$650 US$650
Curtailment of Trip & Cancellation Charges - Covers irrecoverable prepaid travel arrangement deposits or any increased cost of travel in the event of death, serious injury or illness of the Insured Person, immediate family members or close business partner or travel companion of the Insured Person, witness summons, jury service, compulsory quarantine; natural disasters at the planned destination or complete destruction of the Insured Person’s principal residence. US$2,500 US$2,500
Optional Rental Car Protection - Covers loss and damage which occurs to a rental car result directly from fire, theft, collision or vandalism. Deductible: US$500. US$10,000 US$10,000
Discount Options
Increase Deductible US$2,500 (you pay the first US$2,500 of eligible expenses) 25% Discount 25% Discount
Increase Deductible US$5,000 (you pay the first US$5,000 of eligible expenses) 35% Discount 35% Discount
Treatment Area Limit (TAL): when selected by the policyholder in respect of the policy provides coverage in Hong Kong (SAR), Japan, North America and Singapore provided the Insured Person has not been travelling to these locations for more than 30 accumulated days in one policy year. The coverage is for inpatient treatment in the event of an emergency resulting from an accident and/or the onset of an acute disability which the Insured Person had not suffered from or had been symptomatic prior to travelling. 25% Discount 25% Discount